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We are turbante
Our story


We are Turbante is produced by women who are building up a new existence in Switzerland. They learned the skills while they participated in voluntary sewing workshops. The different steps make it possible for beginners to take part in the manufacturing work.



Why turban-te? The story of “We are turbante” is about cultural traditions. Spanish women commonly use stylishly draped towels to dry their hair. We had the idea to continue the tradition of Turbante after realizing that outside Spain, no one seems to know about these useful towels.

Looking for the new design, we found fabrics and buttons in all variations. We have chosen a functional light fabric in colors which suit all kinds of faces. We found many buttons that people had collected for years, the buttons themselves tell stories. The towel is called Turbante after its original name in Spanish.

Women empowerment

For 20 years, women from all over the world have come together in Bern Hinterkappelen to sew. The church of the community offers free sewing afternoons to learn to tailor, to mend and alter garments. The missing common language isn’t an obstacle to joining. The creative work connects. The atelier is a meeting-point.
Everybody enjoys taking part in additional small productions. The work reveal talents and gives new ideas. So we started working for “we are turbante”.
First we made 60 pieces that were sold successfully at a market. The women showed a lot of enthusiasm for sewing and selling the product.
Reason enough to keep on sewing!



2018 I B (.) Studio